Theory of Relativity

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Kaustubh Murudkar, Vivek Subramaniam
Paurush Punyasheel, Abdul Jawad Khan
CBSE Class 12 or Equivalent
E=MC2, in which energy is put equal to mass multiplied with the square of the velocity of light, showed that a very small amount of mass may be converted into a very large amount of energy... the mass and energy were in fact equivalent.-Albert Einstein Beginning with famous thought experiments and a few intuitive principles from Newtonian mechanics, this course closely follows Einstein's arguments leading to the epiphany that time and space are a single entity, spacetime, where physical processes unfold. A lot more exciting concepts and theories await for those of you who decide to join us in this course, and we’ll leave you with a basic mathematical understanding of how general relativity works so that you can carry on in the journey!!!
The course will be taken online with multiple instructors, specialising in their respective fields.

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