Quantum Information & Security

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Quantum Computers differnt from Classical Computers?

Both Quantum and Classical Computers obey the laws of quantum mechanics but are different in a way that in a classical computer

Do I need Quantum Mechanics I and/or II for this course?

This course is like Blade Runner 2049. You will understand it weather or not you see the previous movie. But some context will definately give a deeper understanding. So we leave it as optional, Hail Ryan Gosling


Ayushi Dubal, Manav Seksaria
Abhay Kamble, Yashee Sinha
CBSE Class 12 or Equivalent
An introductory course to quantum information & its security, with emphasis on the basics of quantum computing and Qiskit, and its applications in information security.
The course will be taken online with multiple instructors, specialising in their respective fields.

General Resources

Week 1

We will introduce the course with not much heavy material, just enough to give students an estimate of what is coming and what the course would prepare them for

Week 2

Qubits and their states, and working with them using quantum gates

Week 3

Quantum Algorithms

Week 4

Finishing up with Algorithms and end of Part 1
Combined: Here

Week 5

Introduction to Security and Classical Cryptography
Combined: Here

Week 6

Quantum Cryptography
Combined: Here